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Mike Wagner
Corporate President and Drummer.


GMP phone numbers will be provided to you with our resonse to your initial Email to us requesting a free consultation.


This is approximatly the sequence of events to establish a working business relationship with a new client:

1->You review this website to learn the services offered by GMP.

2->You send an Email (to WagNET@MindSpring.com) stating what interests you.
You may attach a music resume or a general resume mentioning the scope of your music.
Include links to any Youtube.com videos that highligt your skills.

3->Then we will Email you an invitation for a free consultation with us at our GMP facilities in Flushing, NYC.

4->If you accept, then during the free consultations we will outline a preliminary contract.
The free consultations will cover the following areas:
Your present situation and your goals.
How GMP can promote an individual or a band.
How GMP can help an individual join a band on a permanent basis.
How GMP can help an individual temporarily fill in for members of bands.
How GMP can provide any useful music technnology.

5->You then take time at home to review the contract.
You might want to have a business advisor or lawyer review it with you..

6->If you decide to continue then you come back to discuss with us changes you would like in a next version.

7->Repeat these meetings until you feel you have a final contract.

8->Finally we sign the contract.
Starting then you will be paying us for our future services to you.


GMP offers the following services:

1. Promoting small bands, soloists, singer-song writers, orators, standup comedians, puppeteers, Etc.

2. Providing, setting up and running the sound system and lighting/special effects for your
rehearsals and live performances.

3. Copyrighting and publishing your original music, creating a few demo audio CD's and video DVD's

4. Providing technical consultation to you if you are purchasing or designing/building
your own sound system, stage lighting and effects, music practice room or recording studio.

5. We invite lesser known musicians to perform with our established clients.
This introduces unknowns to the public.

6. GMP specializes in helpng new acts break into the music industry.
After working with GMP fo a while, you may become popular and feel that you would like larger resources.
WE will help you find a "big time" manager, agent, producer, publisher, record company, etc..
You will then be ready to pursue bookings at "big time" venues.
You can then contract for large scale production and distribution of your audio CD's, video DVD's and internet streaming.

7. GMP deals with ALL kinds of music and even other types of stage performance such as comedians, poets, conference speakers, etc.


GMP is a privately owned business.
We incorporated GMP in NY State in February 2013 as a start-up business.
Temporarily, our business activities are limited to the five boroughs of New York City.
However, we will expand our region of operations as our clientelle and our resources expand.
There will eventually be no geographic limit. "All the world is a stage."
However, we intend to always serve a small clientelle of start-up performers.
Thus, we will maintain an easy going, friendly working atmosphere with our clients.


For anyone interested in JAZZ:

We have some affiliated jazz musicians.
They consist of piano, 6 string guitar and drums.
We invite all jazz musicians to join us in private jam sessions and on stage.
we can always use: Bass, Horns, Strings, Percussion, Male and Female Vocals, Etc.

Please enjoy both listening to WBGO JAZZ 88.3 FM as well as searching on Google.com, Facebook.com and Youtube.com


For anyone interested in CLASSIC ROCK:

I personally have a pet project, in addition to working with our GMP clients.
I am forming a new band called "Peace Of Mind" (POM).
Read about it at the separate website, www.galaxyMUSICproductions.com/PeaceOfMindBand


GMP's Corporate Resources:

GMP is located in Flushing, Queens, NYC.
It is about half way between Queens College (Aaron Copeland Music) and the Flushing Main Street 7 train subway stop.
The Q25, Q34, Q17 and Q27 busses all stop near GMP.
We have some driveway parking space.

Our single best resource is my friend, Glenn.
Glenn is one of the most knowedgible sound engineer/electronics technician in New York.
He also plays guitar.
Glenn knows Who's-Who and What's-What in many types of music.

GMP's home facilities consist of two rehearsal/recording studios, music library, GMP office and two workshops.
One workshop is for electrical and electronic equipment.
The second workshop is for building and maintaining mechanical equipment.

We have two studios (#8 and #9) in Flushing:

The two studios are equiped with sound systems for auditions and rehearsals and for stereo recording for CD's and DVD's.
Our next upgrade will be computer based Pro-Tools. This will enable multi-track recording/mixing.

Our musical instruments include:

12 electronic keyboards (including MicroMoog, ??? and Akaii digital synthesizers)
13 guitars - six string and bass guitars (lefty and righty)
7 drum sets (3 acoustic and 4 electronic)
Vibraphone, xylophone, orchestral bells
A variety of Latin percussion,

Our music technology includes:

Computers, Midi, CAMcorder, Digital Photography
Two stage performance mixer/monitor sound systems.
We can switch the from loudspeakers to headphones for the whole band.
Thus we can practice until later in the evening.
Two mixer/PA systems, a variety of speakers and instrument amp/speakers.
A variety of speakers and instrument amp/speakers.

Stage lighting systems and special effects equipment


A little of Mike Wagner's music biography:

I started studying drums in 1968 when I was 13 years old.
I played drums in countless jam sessions and as a member of several bands over these 49 years.
Currently I am only a drummer, but I am also starting to study the vibraphone and xylophone.

Carl Palmer of ELP and ASIA became my IDOL when I saw ELP in Madison Square Garden on December 21, 1973.
I was 19 years old and since that day, ELP has been my musical passion.
I saw ELP agan in 2003 at the Beacon Theater and ASIA in 2014 in New Jersey.

You can expect a lot of technology, especially special effects, in the concerts produced by GMP!
I have a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science.

At the age of 63 I am resolved to devote my life to music.
It is exciting to be a drummer and producer.
If I don't "make it big" as a musician, then, I will work hard at music technology.
My technology benefit other musicians who want to "make it big".

Besides Music, I will spend a little time making a few more buck$ on


If you find GMP interesting but you are not eager to pursue our help right now, then
at least get on our Email list for announcements and newsletters.
Just request it in an Email to WagNET@MindSpring.com .
You are not required to reveal any details about yourself.


Thank you for looking at our website.
Mike Wagner and the GMP staff.